Editor-in-Chief Lecture
Content Management in The Knowledge Age: Why We Launched International Journal of Digital Content Management (IJDCM).

Mohammad Hassanzadeh

Volume 1, Issue 1 , July 2020, Pages 1-8


  Advances in information and communication technology (ICT) have accelerated the transformation process of entities from physical to more conceptual formalities. Entering the world of concepts, on the one hand, has transformed the relations between beings, and on the other hand, has facilitated the grounds ...  Read More

Original Article
Bibliometric Study of Publications in Conference Proceedings of SRFLIS Summit during 2014-2019

KP Singh; Harish Chander; Rajul Sharma

Volume 1, Issue 1 , July 2020, Pages 9-26


  The purpose of the study is to conduct bibliometric analysis of the research articles of SRFLIS Summit- International Conferences held during the year 2014-2019 and investigate the various dimensions of bibliometric study. The paper conducts bibliometric analysis of 220 articles which were published ...  Read More

Original Article
Ranking of production and management risks of digital resources in digital libraries by means of Shanon Entropy and Fuzzy TOPSIS Techniques

Mitra Samiei; Somayeh Farzadi; Mahdi Taheri

Volume 1, Issue 1 , July 2020, Pages 27-42


  Purpose: The present research has been done with a view to evaluation and ranking of production and management of digital resources in the supply chain of digital libraries.Methodology: The present research is essentially an applied one and the method employed, has been descriptive survey based on Shanon ...  Read More

Original Article
How to Build a Knowledge Management System in Digital Era? A Theoretical Framework


Volume 1, Issue 1 , July 2020, Pages 43-54


  In the contemporary era man has become much focused on implication of technology in every sector associated with human development. Knowledge being indispensable center of attention attracts the interest of the researchers to deal with its management from generation to dissemination and ultimately to ...  Read More

Original Article
Identifying and Modeling Factors Affecting Success or Failure of Gamification in Organizational Training

Mojtaba Vahidi-Asl; Zohre Jaafari-Far; Faezeh Aghazadeh-Par; Mohsen Haji Zeinolabedini

Volume 1, Issue 1 , July 2020, Pages 55-84


  The importance of training in organizations cannot be overlooked. This has motivated organizational decision-makers to look for new ways for achieving proper training in order to reach their organizational goals. Nowadays, one of new approaches to realize the training and gaining an effective output ...  Read More

Original Article
Online Learning Initiatives and Its Effects on Teaching-Learning Process During the Covid-19 Pandemic


Volume 1, Issue 1 , July 2020, Pages 85-108


  Introduction: Online learning is a technologically facilitated learning process using web sites, personal computers (PCs), tablet, cell phones, learning management system (LMS), televisions (TVs), radios, computers, mobile phone, laptop, desktop etc. from a remote distance. Online learning has changed ...  Read More

Original Article
The Perception of Iranian Teachers on Online Teaching Using Digital Carrier During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mila Malekolkalami

Volume 1, Issue 1 , July 2020, Pages 109-126


  Purpose: School closures in Iran during the COVID-19 pandemic have caused a movement wave to hold classes online. Although, there had been some online classes for some courses, online teaching, and learning for students and school teachers have been an unprecedented experience; consequently, most teachers ...  Read More

Original Article
The Effect of Six Sigma Lean Strategy Management on Improving the Quality of Information Therapy Services at Pediatric Medical Center

Sedigheh Mohammadesmaeil

Volume 1, Issue 1 , July 2020, Pages 127-140


  Introduction: In the last decade, Six Sigma has emerged as a systematic and powerful approach to improving the quality of health care and controlling costs. The purpose of this article is to determine the effect of Six Sigma strategy management on improving the quality of information services in the ...  Read More

Original Article
Identifying Components Of Information Visualization Related To User Xperience In the Digital Library

Golnoush Diyanat; Mohammad Zerehsaz

Volume 1, Issue 1 , July 2020, Pages 141-162


  The purpose of this study is to identify the components of information illustration related to user experience in the digital library of Allameh Tabatabai University. The research method is thinking aloud protocol and with a qualitative approach. The study population was undergraduate, graduate and doctoral ...  Read More

Original Article
A Study of Open Source Softwares Used for Creating a Digital Library


Volume 1, Issue 1 , July 2020, Pages 163-175


  Explosion of information and the continuous necessitate for its effective dissemination to the appropriate users at the right time have created a dilemma for the libraries. It’s become enormously complicated to competently handle and manage the ever-growing volume of digital information and accommodate ...  Read More

Original Article
Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Evidence in Digital Environment and Forecasting the Corona Virus Outbreak in the UK, Spain and Belgium

Maryam Moghadami; Abbas Smiley; Ka Wa

Volume 1, Issue 1 , July 2020, Pages 177-196


  Based on Statista reports as of April 7, 2020, there have been 52,624 deaths in Europe due to COVID-19 since the first recorded European death in France on February 15. We compared two models to assess the outbreak of coronavirus in the UK, Spain and Belgium, their healthcare expenditure and the number ...  Read More

Original Article
Digital Resources Management Based on Open Archival Information System

Nasrin Ghadami

Volume 1, Issue 1 , July 2020, Pages 197-215


  The purpose of the paper was to identify the status of digital resources management in the central library of Allameh Tabatabae’i University based on the open Archival Information System(OAIS) reference Model template .The Methodology and approach was carried out in terms of the nature of the applied ...  Read More

Original Article
The Assesment Possibility of Building Digital Libraries in Universities

Ahmadreza varnaseri; Niloufar bayati

Volume 1, Issue 1 , July 2020, Pages 217-231


  Abstract: Research methods: Descriptive-surveyThe purpose of research is applicant, using Descriptive-survey. The tool of collecting data is questionnaire and the statistical population of this research is 17 people in charge of computer systems in colleges and 75 students. Data analysis is performed ...  Read More

Public Titles
Book Review: Big Data Management

Shadi Abdoli

Volume 1, Issue 1 , July 2020, Pages 241-252


  Big Data and Management Science has been designed to synthesize the analytic principles with business practice and Big Data. Specifically, the book provides an interface between the main disciplines of engineering/technology and the organizational, administrative, and planning abilities of management. ...  Read More

Public Titles
Book Review: “Collective Rights and Digital Content: The Legal Framework for Competition, Transparency and Multi-Territorial Licensing of the New European Directive on Collective Rights Management”

Najmeh Nazeri

Volume 1, Issue 1 , July 2020, Pages 253-264


  “Collective Rights and Digital Content: The Legal Framework for Competition, Transparency and Multi-Territorial Licensing of the New European Directive on Collective Rights Management” is a part of Springer Briefs in Law book series written by Cláudio Lucena, a Brazilian researcher ...  Read More