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Knowledge and Information Science Dept, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran


“Collective Rights and Digital Content: The Legal Framework for Competition, Transparency and Multi-Territorial Licensing of the New European Directive on Collective Rights Management” is a part of Springer Briefs in Law book series written by Cláudio Lucena, a Brazilian researcher at Paraíba State University.
This book published at 2015, and divided to 5 chapters. At the first chapter we have an introduction and the last one is the Conclusion.
Thanks to digital technologies wide growth social, cultural, and economic interaction is completely transformed.The impact of collaboration tools in the activity of creating intellectual content transformed the way collective management organizations operate and current market requirements demand legal adaptation to face this new reality
The last conclusion in this book emphasizes on necessity of global copyright database’s formation, which is based on European legal and cultural matter. While non-European areas are completely deferent and it would be a great challenge. These countries also need to be examined in terms of their own cultural, political, economic and technical infrastructure, then we would have a real global copyright database.