Document Type : Original Article


MA in knowledge and information science Department, Tehran University ,Tehran, Iran


Research methods: Descriptive-survey
The purpose of research is applicant, using Descriptive-survey. The tool of collecting data is questionnaire and the statistical population of this research is 17 people in charge of computer systems in colleges and 75 students. Data analysis is performed with SPSS software version 22.
Findings : This study shows that 84.2% due to lack of budget allocation, 71.2% high skills needed in using digital resources, 84.4% taking 8 years and above time to set up a correct system, 88.2% more than 31 devices, 53% 5 servers 76.5% of the devices have chosen over 75% internet connectivity, 47.2% ADSL, 1mb high bandwidth, high use of fiber optics.
Results: Lack of budget allocation can be considered the main problem for not creating a digital library. The level of students' skill in using digital resources is at a good level and this can be a great advantage for the University of Tehran to be able to create information resources needed by students and researchers by creating a digital library and due to the technical infrastructure a digital library can be set up conveniently in colleges.