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Master of Library and Information Science Department, Pondicherry University


Explosion of information and the continuous necessitate for its effective dissemination to the appropriate users at the right time have created a dilemma for the libraries. It’s become enormously complicated to competently handle and manage the ever-growing volume of digital information and accommodate to the knowledge needs of the users. To solve these problems, libraries are converting their useful resources into digital form and trying to place it on the websites for information sharing. Digital Libraries help the users to access an organized and coherent repository of knowledge and information regardless of their physical location and time and various remote location. The learners can be networked through computers, laptop, mobile and other devices to make a virtual library. Digital Library Software is an important requirement for the creation of a digital library. Various open-source digital library software is available today to serve this purpose. An attempt has been made in this article to explain various kind of Open Source Digital Library Software.