Document Type : Original Article


Associate Professor, Knowledge and Information science Department, Islamic Azad University, Research and Science Branch, Tehran, Iran


Introduction: In the last decade, Six Sigma has emerged as a systematic and powerful approach to improving the quality of health care and controlling costs. The purpose of this article is to determine the effect of Six Sigma strategy management on improving the quality of information services in the Children's Medical Center Hospital.
Research Method: The methodology of the present study, which is an applied study in terms of purpose, is a descriptive correlational survey. The statistical population of this study consists of all managers, supervisors and experts of the Children's Medical Center Hospital, whose number is 149 people. Cochran's formula has been used to determine the sample size, which according to the statistical population is 94 people. The method of selecting statistical samples is simple random sampling according to the subject and nature of the research. The required data were collected using a standard questionnaire and the data were analyzed using regression analysis through SPSS 23 software.
Findings: Research findings showed that fact-based management can account for 26% of changes in the quality of information services, management of resource providers can account for 38% of changes in the quality of information services and management based on facts and information Predict 39% of changes in the quality of information services.
Conclusion: Six Sigma is a systematic and statistical approach that aims to identify the shortcomings of process performance and reduce the error of those work and clinical processes that are performed with long time, high cost and poor outcome.


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