Document Type : Original Article


1 Phd Candidate, Deparment of Educational Management, Khorramabad branch, Islamic Azad University, Khorramabad, Iran

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Sciences, Farhangian University, Tehran, Iran

3 Department of Education Management, Khorramabad Branch, Islamic Azad University, Khorramabad, Iran


The present study was aimed at providing a smart model of professional development of second high school principals in Tehran province. This study was based on  a combined strategy of successive explorations. The research method was qualitative case study and in the form of content analysis. The selection of the sample in the qualitative section was made by a targeted sampling method with a criterion-based technique. The sample size was up to 20 people emerging in order. The data collection tool consisted of two sections, semi-structural interviews in the field and a review of upstream documents and training documents in the library section, and data analysis in the qualitative section based on the content analysis using  ATLASTI software. The quality of this study was observed, from the point of view of experts , and  6 dimensions and 29 components were considered in the professional development of second high school principals. The identified dimensions are educational, research, service, ethical, cultural, and executive. This is not  only an evaluation of the candidates for the second-high school administrative candidates in the field, but also the role of a way to promote the material and the competence of these scholars. Due to the limited resources of some organizations, it is not possible to set up an office or deputy for the subject of digital transformation.


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