Document Type : Original Article


1 University of kashan

2 Policy Evaluation and STI Monitoring Department, National Research Institute for Science Policy (NRISP)


Purpose: Despite the widespread diffusion and interest aroused by content marketing, little attention has been paid until this moment to the pertinence of building a framework that brings the main currents and studies in the field of this topic. Hence, the main aim of this study was to cover this gap, by analyzing further these complementary sources of bibliographic information by orient researchers and enable a wider understanding and grasp of the content marketing topic.

Method: For this purpose, a bibliometric study of the publications indexed in (WoS) in 1985-2022 was conducted. During the search process, a dataset of 371 documents (article and review article) were obtained. the bibliometrix-R-package and VOSviewer software were used for quantitative analysis and visualizing bibliometric networks.

Findings: The descriptive statistics show that content marketing studies have rapidly grown since 2011. The US and Spain are the countries with the most publications on content marketing. The most influential journal about content marketing research is Brand Journalism (11 articles), and the productive author is Bull A (11 articles).

The results of thematic show that ‘digital marketing’ and ‘brand storytelling’ are emergent themes and has replaced ‘content marketing’.

Conclusion: In the type of content preparation, in recent years, the style of information content based on news and specialized knowledge had changed to storytelling and narrative messages from the brand. This paper introduces main areas of interests and possible gaps and contributes to the body of knowledge by providing a comprehensive overview of content marketing literature in this way.


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