Document Type : Original Article


1 Associate professor, Department of Knowledge and Information Science Allameh Tabataba’i University ,Tehran, Iran

2 Assisitant professor of knowledge and information science of Iranian Research Institute for Information Science and Technology (IranDoc), Tehran , Iran

3 Study in Knowledge and Information Science in Allameh Tabataba'i University ,Tehran, Iran


The present research has been done with a view to identifying gamification components in association with users' experience in the services of digital libraries. Typically, the research method has been a developmental and systematic review, and essentially an analytic one. The data collection was carried out based on three major components: gamification, user experience, and digital library services. 164 resources related to the three components have been found. After filtering the resources in three phases, 12 resources in the first phase and 41 resources in the second phase were omitted and the remainder exactly 37 resources which were more closely related to the gamification components in the interaction with the user`s experience of digital library services, were identified, ranked and analyzed.
The Findings show that gamification elements for digital library services include: certificate, achievement, membership law, ranking, digital products, signs, status and position, money, lottery, the Boss game, reward, present, feedback, navigation pages, Avatar, score, badges, narratives, prizes and badges collections and finally the results arising from the investigation of these components and analysis of the conceptual connection among them, show that the use of gamification elements for any digital library services develop the components “dynamism” and “gamification stimulants” such as competitiveness, attractiveness, excitement, hopefulness, challenge, victory and, etc in the users and that ultimately leads to the utilization of digital library services and user`s satisfaction.