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1 PhD student of Business Management, Management Department, AjabShir Branch, Islamic Azad University, AjabShir, Iran

2 Full Professor, Department of Economics and Management ,Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran

3 Assistant Professor, Department of Management, , AjabShir Branch, Islamic Azad University, AjabShir, Iran

4 Associate Professor, Department of Economics ,Tabriz University, Tabriz, Iran


The present research has been done with a view to designing content marketing model at social media for boosting green marketing. As regards purpose, it is an applied research,and in terms of approach an exploratory survey, and typically, it can be subsumed under a qualitative research. The analysis approach of this research is meta-synthesis. The statistical community consists of academic and scholarly articles published between 2016-2021/1395-1401 on the pertinent area of this study at Iran`s and foreign trustworthy databases. According to our findings, 1740 articles were retrieved, 324 abstracts were sieved and 186 abstracts were investigated. It was established that the titles of 1416 articles were irrelevant, and consequently they were omitted. 138 articles were deleted once their abstracts had been reviewed and found irrelevant and 95 articles were left out after a survey of their contents. The criteria used were size of the statistical sample, theoretical sufficiency (theoretical saturation), and finally 56 articles were accepted. The outcome of this process was 49 codes, 23 concepts and 10 categories. The Kappa index was used to guarantee the quality of our research. The amount of the index was calculated using the SPSS software at the significant level of 0/000 number 0/806. According to the evaluation and the extracted concepts and categories in the present research, the content marketing model of social media (Instagram) for boosting green marketing was designed based on three groups of factors: causal, mediating and consequential. The results of the findings show that in the process of content marketing of social media for boosting green marketing, a set of variables play a causal role, and can act as stimulants or propelling agents, and if the causal and mediating factors come properly about, this can culminate in the boosting of the service or product`s brand and an appropriate competitive advantage regarding green marketing in the organizations will also emerge.


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