Document Type : Original Article


Executive Management, School of Management, Research Sciences Branch, Khorasan Razavi University, Khorasan, Iran


The present study was conducted to identify the future dimensions of smart city planning research. Participants in this study were municipal managers and urban planners with at least 15 years of experience and a master's degree or higher. Individuals were selected by purposive sampling. Sampling was performed with the participation of 10 experts. Data collection tools fell into two groups: 1- review and upstream documents, urban planning documents in the library section, 2- semi-structured interview in the field section where the semi-structured interview with the participants continued until the theoretical saturation stage. Content analysis method was used to analyze the qualitative data. In order to ensure the validity, the interview questions were approved by 3 experienced urban  planning experts and managers, 1 of whom had a master's degree and 2 of whom had a doctorate. In order to measure the reliability, the krippendorf coefficient was used, the overall coefficient of which was 84%. ATLASTI software has been used in the content analysis section. In order to identify future smart city planning research scenarios, SCENARIOWIZARD software has been used.  The results of factor analysis show that out of 176 available indicators (items), 33 basic themes can be identified and 9 categories of constructive themes have been obtained. Finally, 9 scenarios were identified based on the importance of all 9 factors. The results indicate that the main output of the realization of smart cities and e-municipality is to set conditions for providing services in the healthiest way to citizens, eliminating corruption, creating new job opportunities, and service and transformation in the economic and commercial sectors, increasing the effective presence of the private sector and improving the business environment, reducing damage to the environment, smart governance and increasing satisfaction