Editor-in-Chief Lecture


Knowledge and Information Science Dept. Faculty of Management and Economics, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran.


Although digital content is a widely institutionalized reality at the present age, its management issues and challenges have not been sufficiently explained. One of the most important deterrents to effective digital content management (DCM) is a single-dimensional, disciplinary and sectoral perspective to this multidimensional concept. Digital content management is a multifaceted concept and the best option to deal with this multi-modal phenomenon is an inter-disciplinary and hyperdisciplinary approach. A range of legal, commercial, psychological, sociological, linguistic, computational, and ethical issues are intertwined with digital content management. Each of these issues, in addition to having a solution in one field of study or cognitive area, is also related to various fields of study. This has made digital content management issues a fluid and ever-changing entity. This paper strives to explain the interdisciplinary nature of this concept. In this regard, six main aspects of digital content management were explained including theory, instrument, individual, society, framework, and content. Explaining each of these aspects introduces a common ground for interdisciplinary collaboration. It is concluded that an effective digital content management initiative is possible only through cooperation and synergy on knowledge sharing from various related fields of study.