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1 Associate Professor and Member of the Academic Staff of the Department of Information Science and Epistemology, Payame Noor University Tehran, Iran

2 Assistant professor and Member of the Academic Staff of the Department of Accounting Science Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran




The purpose of this research is to evaluate user interface in English web pages of selected national digital libraries based on the existent criterias in the resources for proposing a suitable interface for digital library of Payame Noor University. The method of research was according to survey and descriptive methods. A check list included 10 main criterions and 114 minor criterions used to evaluate. The statistical population included digital libraries from different countries include America, Austalia, France, Swiss, Newzeland, Netherland, Poland, Japan, India and Italy. SPSS software and Excel were used to analyse data . The theory and questions were tested by t-testand Friedman-test. The conclusions suggested that 50% of criterions were considered by 50% of libraries. American library was the first one with 70/40% in considering the criteria. France with 62/07% and Swiss with 40/12% were the second and the third one in considering the criteria, respectively. Also interface language with 6/68% used more than the other criterions. User control used with 6/68% used less than the other criterias. Looking at the observed components, it is clear that most of the libraries have been successful in complying with the general criteria and most of the points obtained are related to the compliance of the general criteria.

Keywords: Digital library, User interface, Evaluation research, Evaluation criteria.


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