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1 Corresponding Author, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management & Accounting, Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran, , +989127186194

2 MSc, Faculty of Management & Accounting, Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran, . -09189405055



Purpose: The customer’s behavior is influenced by their mental image ‎of the Banks. Information resources are one of the factors that shape ‎this mental image. electronic word of mouth(eWOM) is considered a ‎powerful advertising tool and also an important and influential resource ‎of information on the attitudes and behavior of customers. The aim of ‎the present research is to investigate the position of eWOM among the ‎advertising strategies that form the mental image of the customers of ‎Bank Day ‎ branches in the west of the country. ‎

Method: The present research is applied in terms of purpose and ‎descriptive and analytical in terms of nature. It is also a field survey in ‎terms of data collection. The background of the research was compiled ‎through library resources and web browsing And then‏8‏‎ options and ‎‏9‏‎ ‎criteria were identified that the decision matrix questionnaire was ‎designed. Therefore, the researcher's decision matrix was used to collect ‎data And its content validity was confirmed through professors. The ‎statistical population of this research was made up of all the experts ‎working in the branches of Bank Day Gharb in the country. In the ‎present study,‎‏23‏‎ experts were selected based on selective and snowball ‎sampling. ‎

Results: Data analysis was done in Taxonomy software. The results ‎showed that the eWOM advertising strategy ranked third among the ‎advertising strategies after television advertising and Internet advertising ‎in the formation of the customer’s mental image.‎

Conclusions: Based on the research findings, The strategy of electronic ‎recommendation advertising


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