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Assistant professor, Asian cultural documentation center, Institute for humanities and cultural studies. Tehran, Iran.


Purpose: The purpose of this research is to study the status of digital content management in the IHCS, from preparation and production, organization to dissemination of content.

Methodology: The main nature of the present research is applied and the method of conducting this research is a case study. In order to investigate the situation of IHCS in the field of digital content management with a case perspective, a descriptive survey was conducted. The research community in this work is the IHCS and all its departments, activities, systems and programs that work in the direction of preparation, production and development, organization and dissemination of digital content. Tables have been used to describe and analyze the data collected from the checklist.

Findings: Various types of digital content are prepared and produced in different departments of the IHCS. The priority is to choose digital content in the research institute with books, documents and publications. Among the various departments of the IHCS, the library is the only one that organizes its digital content in a standard format. The digital content prepared, produced or developed in the IHCS are disseminated through various tools and methods, especially through websites, social networks and library services.

Conclusion: In general, the movement towards the preparation and production of content in digital form is visible in the IHCS, and efforts are being made to organize and disseminate all types of digital content in the form of various systems.


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