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استان یزد/ شهرستان ابرکوه/ خیابان مبربرهان/ نبش می برهان دوم/ منزل مهندس زهرایی


Technological development plays a key role in the development, continuity and survival of an organization and through this advancement, organizations continue to develop and get upgraded. Therefore, instruction of digital technology to the staff has an essential role in the efficiency of organizations. Despite the significance of all the other relevant components in an organization, digital education and training plays a key role in the development of organizations. The more knowledgeable, creative and dynamic the staff within an organization are, the higher will be its power and dynamism, hence assuring the sustainable development of the organization. In this article, an attempt has been made to show the effects of digital technology training on organizational development in order to achieve practical results. In fact, As organizations and the organizational changes become more complex, employees and especially managers must use digital training opportunities to equip themselves with new capabilities, attitudes and knowledge to play active roles in the organization’s creative decision-making processes. Obviously, in today's fast changing industrial world, traditional training is not enough to meet the training needs of employees and manage complex organizations tasks. Therefore, newer and more appropriate models and methods such as digital education and learning should be used to train transformative, entrepreneurial and creative employees and managers.


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