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1 Central bank of Iran

2 Assistant Professor, IranDoc

3 Associate Professor, Knowledge and Information Science, Razi University, Kermanshah


The aim of this study is to review and redefine the interaction process with information based on a holistic approach. The data required for this qualitative study were collected through semi-structured interviews among 18 individuals and analyzed using thematic analysis. The network of themes making up the information interactions consists of 5 global themes which have been extracted among 23 organizing ones. These themes include the beginning, orientation, networking, and consolidation, which can be interpreted in terms of the symmetry theme as a kind of looking at humans and non-humans in a three-layered context including the internal, external, and technology-tools contexts. The new view of interaction with information has taken it beyond the interpretation scope from the human user’s perspective and observes it alongside non-human factors. As a result of such an approach, the non-human factors in the role of infrastructure and technology-tool context, meet specific and interpretable effects along with human ones, external and internal contexts.