Editor-in-Chief Lecture


Knowledge and Information science dept, Tarbiat Modares University


Virtual reality (VR) transcends the boundaries of the disciplines and lifestyles of different generations. The entanglement of digital content with the capabilities of artificial intelligence, graphic simulation, cultural coordinates, and economics has given rise to an amalgam of methods. The reality that is virtual, the virtual that is real. This multiplicity has caused content management to face unprecedented challenges and new avenues. New developments have been presented as an exceptional opportunity for specialists in various fields, especially information science. Interacting with VR requires accurate knowledge and sufficient competencies. Academic alumni, professionals, and leading researchers all think about how to interact effectively with VR and the resulting world. The emergence of metaphors such as Metaverse and serious public participation in cyberspace has necessitated the wise management of digital content following new developments and disciplines. In this paper, the characteristics of VR , including features, applications, and content management requirements for this new approach are explained.